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American Democracy Under Attack

AMERICAN DEMOCRACY UNDER ATTACK: Without question our state and nation are facing historic social, economic, and political challenges, unforeseen since the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement. 

Worse yet, American Democracy is under attack by Trump Right-Wing, White Supremacists and Neo-Nazi Hate Groups – who stormed our Nation’s Capitol on January 6, 2021. That act of insurrection and treason seriously injured hundreds of Capitol Police and resulted in the tragic deaths of fellow Americans, millions of dollars of damage and the theft of national security documents. 

WISCONSIN & TEA PARTY EXTREMIST: The attack on American democracy tragically started with the Right-Wing Tea Party Movement in the Wisconsin Mid-term November 2010 election, which put Scott Walker into the governor’s office, Ron Johnson in the U.S. Senate and the total control of the Wisconsin Legislature by right-wing Tea Party Republicans.


Trump’s White Supremacists and crazy Q’Anon cult followers – along with the vast majority of Republicans in Congress and in state legislatures – are actively pushing Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump. The Big Lie has resulted in Republican Governors and State Legislatures passing Jim Crow 2.0 Voter Suppression Laws. These racist Jim Crow 2.0 laws will disenfranchise millions of black, brown and elderly American voters from casting their votes in future local, county, and state elections.  

WE CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! With the help from progressives and traditional democrats and moderate Republicans who have spoken out against Trump’s Insurrectionist Movement, we can win local, state and federal elections over the next two years and defeat right-wing political extremism at every level of government. 

WE HAVE A MORAL OBLIGATION TOO OUR CHILDREN: With your help and financial support, we can defeat many of the right-wing political extremists, who have infiltrated too many of our elected offices, at the local, state and federal levels of government. 


No one person can solve the multitude of challenges and issues facing our beloved city and our state. 

That’s why we need your support and financial help in my candidacy for the Madison Common Council. Your donation or volunteering your time will help strengthening our grassroots campaign in Madison for the 2023 spring election.