Civic Engagement & Govt. Responsibility

Without question, Madison, our state and nation are facing historic social and economic challenges, unforeseen since the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918; the growing unemployment rate and economic crisis, that could replicate the Great Recession of 2008; and the growing economic and food insecurities, that more and more Madison residents are facing.

Combined this with Madison’s unprecedented, epidemic of Madison gun shootings, the growing gang violence, the day time shooting and tragic homicide of 11 year-old Anisa Scott, and the increase in burglaries and auto theft (88% increase from 2019); has exposed the strengths and unfortunately, weaknesses of too many of our officials in our city.

The Need For Civic Engagement

No one person can solve the multitude of challenges and issues facing our beloved city and our neighborhoods. That is why we need to have you and other citizens in our district to engage collectively and work together, in making our neighborhoods and city safe for our children and our community – and making Madison a more inclusive city for all our residents.

We Need Government Transparency!

We Need New Political Corruption Laws!

We Need To Hold Elected Official & Appointees Accountable!

“We All Need To Get Involved & Change The Corrupt Political System.” – Nino Amato

As a former member of the Board of Directors of Common Cause for Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, we must start with exposing the “dark-hidden-political-money”  from special third party interest groups that are now operating at the local, state and federal levels of government. 

Now more than ever, these third party political “money exchangers” and issue-ad groups – must reveal their individual and corporate donors – we must enact tough state and federal laws with substantial criminal penalties (fines and jail time) for all individuals, corporations and political action committees, who violate conflict of interest and ethic codes of conduct.  

Equally important, we must stop the “unethical revolving door” of politically appointees to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW), who are supposed to oversee and regulate the electric, natural gas and telecom industries (MGE, Alliant Energy, We Energy, Dairy Land Power Cooperative and other public utilities) but fail to do so and worse yet – end up leaving the PSCW and take six-figure, high paying jobs with the  utility industry and their subsidiaries, law firms or their PR consultants.  

That’s why we need to pass a “Rate-Payers Bill of Rights” and enact tougher Code of Ethical Conduct and Conflict of Interest Laws, to close the PSCW unethical revolving door” and to enact swift punishments – both financial and serving jail term penalties – for any political appointee or elected official and/or lobbyist who violate the intent of state and federal anti-corruption laws.