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Healthcare Reform

DID YOU KNOW? • The U.S. is the only industrialized country without universal health care for all its citizens — and our “For-Profit-Driven Healthcare” system, spends twice per capita for healthcare than our European and Pacific Allies.

 Worse yet, our U.S. “FOR-Profit-Driven Healthcare” system, has the worst healthcare outcomes per patient, at twice the cost. • Tragically, this is how America ranks in healthcare outcomes, at twice the costs than European and Pacific Industrialized Nations:  which costs us more than any other industrial nation: (1) we rank 29th in life expectancy; (2) we rank 23rd in the infant mortality rate; and (3) the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks our health system, 37th in the world, for quality outcomes, behind Slovenia and Costa Rica.

It’s time to join the rest of the industrialized nations and provide a “single-payer universal healthcare” system for all American citizens and their children. — A.J. Nino Amato, WI.