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Protecting Sauk Creek Woods


Please read the following summary below & click on the petition drive link

To-Let-Your-Voice-Be-Heard !

“We must protect and preserve the City of Madison’s unique 26.4 acres of the Sauk Creek Woods and Natural Wildlife Habitat. With over 5,800 trees and wild life. By preserving this natural habitat and the vast majority of these trees, we can continue to lower Madison’s carbon-foot-print, since trees, turn carbon (Co2) into the clean oxygen, which in turn, reduces green house gases (GHG) and lower’s Madison’s Carbon Foot-print.”

– Nino Amato, Co-Chair Sauk Creek Woods Preservation Committee & UW Adjunct Professor, “Environmental Sustainability Policy & Practices”

“The original City of Madison’s Engineering Department’s Sauk Creek Woods Storm-Water Project for Sauk Creek Woods and Natural Habitat, was over-engineered, environmentally destructive and unwarranted. The City can correct the storm-water issue, while protecting and preserving the vast majority of Sauk Creek Woods Trees and its natural wild-life habitat. The City’s Engineering Dept. over-engineering is unjustified.”

– George Meyer, former Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) Secretary and Sauk Creek Woods Reservation Committee Member

BACKGROUND: Starting in spring of 2018, the Sauk Creek Woods Preservation Neighborhood Committee worked extensively, in the development of an alternative storm-water project plan for the Sauk Creek Woods & Habitat, in collaboration with residents from the Walnut Grove, Sauk Creek and Tamarack Trails Neighborhoods. 

After 18 months of meetings and neighborhood input with volunteers, the Sauk Creek Woods Natural Habitat Preservation Neighborhood Committee prepared a five page position paper, articulating our neighborhoods concerns and solutions to the City of Madison’s Engineering Dept. for the Storm-Water Restoration Project.  To Read the Working Committee’s Concerns Issue Paper Click Here!

A copy of the Committee’s Report, was sent to Mayor Sayta Rhoades-Conway, our 9th Dist. Alder and to key decision-makers in the City Engineering & Parks Department in January of 2020. We also requested a conference call with the District Alder, a staff member from the Mayor’s staff and City Engineer officials. 

Unfortunately, since January of 2020 when the Neighborhood Committee presented their concerns and solutions and a request for a neighborhood meeting — city officials have yet to meet with neighborhood residents or provide feedback about our Neighborhoods concerns.  

Lack-of-Transparency & Govt. Secrecy:  To the surprise of the Neighborhood residents and the Sauk Creek Woods Neighborhood Preservation Committee members, the City Engineering Dept., cleverly and without public notice to the neighborhood residents, got the Mayor to include in her 2021 Capital Budget, a $1.2 Million Dollar Place Holder in the City Engineering Construction Budget, that for the Sauk Creek Storm-water Project.

This is why we hope you will join us in our efforts to hold our City Government Accountable, by contacting Nino at or 608-514-3317 and Signing the Citizens Petition for the Preservation of Sauk Creek Woods & Natural Habitat.