Protecting Sauk Creek Woods

“We must protect and preserve the 26.4 acres of the Sauk Creek Woods Natural Wildlife Habitat. At the same time, we must solve the stormwater management issues with minimum destruction to the Sauk Creek Woods with its nearly 6,000 trees and its amazing wild-life!” – A.J. Nino Amato

Background: Since spring of 2018, Nino Amato has been an active working member of the Tamarack Area Neighborhoods’ Sauk Creek Woods Restoration Working Committee, which is chaired by Michael Riley (Tamarack). The committee members prepared a five page position paper articulating neighborhood concerns. A copy was sent to Mayor Sayta Rhoades-Conway, 9th Dist. Alder Paul Skidmore and to key decision-makers in the City Engineering Department in January of 2020. We also requested a conference call with Alder Skidmore and city officials. (Read the Working Committee’s Concerns Issue Paper)

Missing-In-Action: While the City Alderperson is to represent the concerns of their constituents, Committee members attempted on numerous occasions to get in touch with Alder Skidmore, over an eight month period but he failed to return phone calls and failed to arrange a zoom conference call meeting with city officials. After eight months of silence, it was increasingly clear to Committee members and other 9th Dist. residents that Adler Paul Skidmore was Missing-In-Action.

Negligence: Given Alder Skidmore missing in action, George Meyer (former DNR
Secretary) and Nino Amato initiated a detailed review of the Mayor’s 2021 Capital
Budget. To their surprise, they discovered a $1.2 Million Dollar Budget request from City
Engineering for the Sauk Creek Restoration Project. When Alder Skidmore was confronted for
neglecting to inform his constituents of this budget request, he admitted his negligence by
acknowledging he was unaware of this budget request.

Over-Engineering: George Meyer (former DNR Secretary) is on public record, stating the original
Sauk Creek Woods Restoration Project that Alder Skidmore and city staff first supported “was over-engineered” and that it was possible to correct the storm water run-off “while protecting the natural wildlife habitat of Sauk Creek Woods.”

Please Vote for Nino Amato on Feb. 16 & A Vote for Amat0 – Is a Vote for Preserving the Sauk Creek Woods Habitat & Fixing the Water Run-off Problem.