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Public Safety & Neighborhood Policing

LEAST WE FORGET & THE NEED FOR ELECTED ACCOUNTABLE: • For decades our elected officials have failed to act common sense gun safety laws; failed to effectively fund mental health support services; failed to provide housing for the homeless; failed to enact criminal justice & police reform; and failed to change qualified immunity for bad-apple police officers. But given our elected officials failures to manage these related societal issues and problems — they “pass the buck” and expect local law enforcement to solve these societal challenges, which stem from their own failed leadership in enacting needed reforms. 

So let’s hold our elected officials accountable to: (1) pass the Federal “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act,” which passed the U.S. House of Representatives in early March but tragically remains bogged down in the U.S. Senate; (2) legalize and tax the use of cannabis and apply these new tax revenues, with increase mental health services, affordable housing and Pre-K through 12 public education; (4) holding all of our elected officials accountable for their failure to reform our broken criminal justice system; and (5) for voters to demand and hold accountable all local Mayors, City Mangers, Police Chiefs and County Sheriffs — to transform their police and law enforcement cultures from “military warriors” to “peace officers,” who will focus on “protecting and serving all people and the sanity of human life.”  
  — Nino Amato