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Racial Justice & Disparities

Human Rights & Our Fight Against Racism & Racial Disparities

  • We have also seen an increase of attacks on our citizens of the LGBTQIA+
    community and among immigrants. Given these attacks and acts of violence – now more than ever, we must all stand-together and support the human rights of all Americans.
  • By coming together with our government officials and working with the nonpartisan, nonprofit We Are Many United Against Hate (WAMUAH), we can over time effectively overcome today’s racism, bigotry, and hate crimes. So please consider getting involved with WAMUAH.

We Must Deal With The Pervasive Epidemic of Racial Disparities

  • Racial disparities denies our citizens of color an equal opportunity to educate their children. keep them healthy and advance their families economically. Tragically, racial disparities have resulted in more black and brown Americans being disproportionately and unjustly arrested and placed in jail and in our prisons;
  • Given the growing racial disparities in Madison, I support creating the city-wide transparent ‘Common Council Partnership Task Force’ that will bring together citizens of all colors that would engage business and community leaders to: Develop a comprehensive “Neighborhood Revitalization Plan” for underprivileged neighborhoods. With specific economic and infrastructure improvements along with financial resources by the city, UW-Madison, and Madison businesses,  will strengthen our ability to become a more inclusive city;
  • Re-focus the City of Madison use of Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) on our socially and economically challenge neighborhoods, in partnership with Madison’s financial and banking institutions.
  • Develop a public-private investment partnership, which would create and launch Madison’s first Minority Small Business Investment Company (MSBIC), that would provide business development opportunities for minority-owned small businesses and micro-loans for entrepreneurial minority-own start-ups.