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Sauk Creek Event


Sauk Woods Creek is a beautiful conservation that could be lost.

Please Attend – Thursday, March 30th, 2023

6:00 to 7:45 pm / Lussier Community Center / 55 So. Gammon Road

RSVP by texting your name(s) to: (608) 514-3317

Program Agenda

Sauk Creek Woods Construction Project

6:00 pm – Welcome: Nino Amato, Chair Strengthening Neighborhood Ties & Aldermanic Candidate 9th District. 

6:05 to 7:00 pm – Panel Discussion: Sauk Creek Area resident’s concerns and action steps needed for the next round of City of Madison public hearings on the over-engineered construction project for Sauk Creek Woods & Natural Habitat.

Michael Notaro – PhD, Director UW-Madison Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research 

George Meyer – Former WI. Dept. of Natural Resources Secretary & Sauk Creek area resident

Randy R. Bruegman – Anaheim, Emeritus Chief Fire Engineer & Sauk Creek area resident

Nino Amato – Moderator, UWP College of Engineering, Sustainability Policy & Sauk Creek area resident

The Pheasant Branch Watershed Study is now Completed Public Hearings Are Forthcoming & Construction could start in January 2024.

City of Madison resource engineers have crafted an over-engineered $4 million plus construction plan for Sauk Creek Woods, including the removal of several thousand mature trees, for grading the creek and for heavy equipment maintenance and tree removal access. 

The proposed 90 ft. width construction and access project will not only destroy Sauk Creek Woods and its natural habitat, it will also increase C02 emissions from removing an estimated 4,500 trees, and the $ 4 million dollar construction project still fails to solve the source of the stormwater runoff and flooding – which comes from the water runoff from the parking lots of the Big Box Stores Commercial Stores (Menards, PetSmart & Others).

7:00 to 7:45 pm – Spring 2023 General Election, April 4th

Mayoral Candidate Gloria Reyes and Alder Candidate Nino Amato 

  • Gloria and Nino will discuss their environmental policies and why Mayor SRC and 9th District Alder Nikki Conklin, have both failed to understand the importance of protecting Sauk Creek Woods and the environmental value of urban forests, street tree canopies & islands, and nature-based de-carbonization. 
Authorized and paid for by Amato for Madison, Joann Pritchett Treasure | 64 Oak Creek Trail, Madison, WI. 53717 /