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Racial Equity & Social Justice

The “Racial Equity & Social Justice Initiative,” Needs to Become a Stand-Alone Office Called: “Racial Equity & Social Justice” and Needs to Report Directly to the Mayor and City Council Leadership!

Madison and Dane County has the “worse racial disparities than any other county in the country,” according to the “Race-to-Equity Report” that was published by the Wisconsin Council on Children & Families in October 2013.

Since that report was published more than six years ago, we have failed to diminish the growing racial disparities in our community. The “Race to Equity Report” and its baseline conclusions – warrants more than an Equity Coordinator.

Therefore, we must create an Office of “Racial Equity & Social Justice,” with a full-time Director and ample staffing that reports to the Mayor and Common Council leadership.

Madison’s Equity Coordinator

The City’s Equity Coordinator, currently reports to the Director of Civil Rights and has little or no staff.  If the city leadership is truly serious about addressing the growing racial disparities in our community, we need to elevate the “Racial Equity & Social Justice Initiative,” beyond just a “coordinators position.

The new proposedCity Office of Racial Equity & Social Justice,’ would focus on developing a new public-private partnership – which would include the ‘key decision-makers’ from business, organized labor, higher education and local government.

ITS MISSION: This new public-private partnership and the Office of Racial Equity & Social Justice, would use its resources and decision-making powers, to focus on providing all of Madison’s residents – the equal opportunity for a quality education for their children, keep them healthy and advance their families economically.