What the Community Is Saying About Nino

"Nino Amato has a wealth of experience at every level of local and state government. I have relied on his insight and knowledge during my three terms on the Common Council. He will make a great representative and advocate for his community because of his commitment to helping others."
Samba Baldeh
Madison City Alder Dist. 17, Former Madison Common Council President & WI State Legislator
"Nino’s impressive record as a true collaborative leader at the helm of CWAG improved the lives of seniors and people with disabilities on many fronts, bringing them needed safeguards and empowering their own engagement in the system. As Alder, this determined and enlightened civic advocate will bring an essential perspective and steady style to contribute to a high functioning City Council in Madison."
Barbara Lawton
President and CEO of Americans for Campaign Reform & former Lt. Governor (D) Wisconsin
"Nino is an experienced and accomplished individual and is action-oriented. In his entire life, he has focused on higher education, energy, environment, social justice, criminal justice reforms, business, and building inclusive communities. He has worked under both Democratic and Republican Governors and has thus demonstrated the ability to work across the aisle."
Masood Akhtar
Entrepreneur and Anti-Hate Activist
"I have witnessed first-hand Nino’s leadership skills and his vast knowledge on a broad range of social and economic justice issues, particularly as it relates to improving race relations and rebuilding public trust between the MPD and our communities of color. Nino has actively supported many community-based organizations —among them are Centro Hispano of Dane County, the Urban League of Greater Madison and is a “Founding Charter Member“ of the Dane County NAACP Branch Chapter. Most notably, Nino was elected to two consecutive terms, as the Vice Chair of the Dane Co. NAACP General Membership — and will make an outstanding member of the Madison Common Council. "
Alfonso Zepeda-Capistrán
Educator & Human Rights Advocate
"Nino Amato has a lifetime of documented civic and community achievement using a very effective collaborative leadership style. He was largely responsible for the successful approval of the Goodman Community Pool, when he chaired Mayor Dave’s Community Pool Site Selection Committee, after 60 years of fruitless debate and failed attempts; and as a member of the UW Board of Regents, Nino successfully championed a comprehensive “credit transfer agreement” between UW System and the Wisconsin Technical College System, that is benefiting thousands of Madison and Wisconsin residents. That’s why Nino Amato will be a valued and effective member of the Madison City Council."
Robert Pricer
Professor Emeritus UW-Madison School of Business
"Nino Amato has been on the frontline of social and economic justice issues, for most of his adult life. His decision to re-engage as a city council member and in today’s toxic political arena, is welcomed relief and is more important today, than any other time in Madison’s recent history. Nino will address the growing racial disparities that has plagued America and our city for much to long — and will reengage community and business leaders, to play an active role in making Madison a more inclusive community. Without hesitation, Nino is the right candidate at the right time — to represent the 9th Aldermanic District and to advocate for all our citizens."
Betty Banks
In solidarity for justice, & Life-long Madisonian
"Having known Nino for many years, I know that there is no one better at working to ensure necessary city services for families, their children, students and those with special needs. I am especially grateful for Nino’s work and advocacy for those in the mental health/behavioral health community. Nino Amato’s deep commitment to improving the quality of life for all our citizens in Madison — will make him a valuable addition to the Madison Common Council and to the residents of Alder District 9.”
Linda Keys
Mental Health Professional
"I have known and worked with Nino Amato for many years. I've seen firsthand his commitment to open government, civil rights, consumer protection and educational opportunity. I've seen him fight for fairness, racial equality and community inclusion – when he was a senior executive at WP&L and Meriter Health Services – and as President/CEO at the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging & Health Groups (CWAG). Nino is already recognized as a Madison community leader and is a respected advocate for our children and elderly. Without question, Nino has a impressive record of accomplishments and has always been dedicated to improving the quality of life for all our citizens in Madison and in Wisconsin. The combination of Nino’s successful leadership experience, his deep roots in the South Madison and Westside communities and a his true commitment to public service – Nino will make an outstanding representative of the 9th aldermanic district and on the Madison Common Council."
Mike McCabe
Former Executive Director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, founder of the Blue Jean Nation movement, & political author
"Do you want the City Council & Mayor to get things done and solve our pressing issues facing our community, and to move our city forward in a progressive way? Then I encourage you to Vote for Nino Amato, as your 9th District Alderperson. I have worked with Nino on numerous educational and community issues for many years. I’ve know him to be the kind of leader, that knows how to get things done. Nino is also a person of integrity and he will be the kind of City Alder who will GET THE JOB DONE through collaboration and effective leadership.”
John Matthews
Former longtime Madison’s Teachers Union Head & K-12 Educator
"Nino is an experienced leader and I endorse him for the Madison Common Council. I have seen how he works as the Public Policy Chair for the We are Many - United Against Hate organization. He is full of ideas and solutions to address many community issues such as racial disparities, aging, LGBT and environmental issues. Nino is sincere and compassionate in making Madison a welcoming community not for some of us but for all of us."
Caroline Tu Farley
Program Director Linda and Gene Farley Center for Peace, Justice & Sustainability
"I've known and work with Nino for many years and I admire his professional demeanor and strong leadership skills. Nino deeply cares about our community and his commitment to public service, is immeasurable. He has served on numerous city committees, boards, commissions, task forces – and nonprofit boards of directors. Nino and I served together, on the Madison Cultural Arts District Board of Directors, that oversees the $205 Million Madison’s Overture Center and we were successful in guiding Overture’s mission and making Overture a more inclusive performing arts facility for all our citizens. That’s why Nino Amato is the most qualified, sincere, and knowledgeable candidate for the 9th Aldermanic District. I am fortunate to have him as a colleague and friend, and Madison will be fortunate to have him on the City Council."
Bill Keys
Former Madison School Board Member Retired West High School English Teacher
"Nino Amato is an individual of unquestionable integrity and seemingly boundless energy. He will keep the residents of the 9th Aldermanic District informed and engaged in neighborhood and city-wide issues — and will be an effective leader on the Madison Common Council. Nino will also work towards Madison becoming a more inclusive community for all our children and all our citizens -- and will champion safe and healthy neighborhoods.”
Carolyn Hardgrove Mitchill
Retired Healthcare Professional & Citizen Advocate
"Nino Amato provides a much needed fresh and professional perspective about the issues and needs of our community. Madison’s increased diversity means that city leadership must bend with that growing diversity. Nino Amato’s commitment to improving our community for everyone is unmatched, by any candidate running for local office."
Steve Braunginn
Former Dane Cty Board Supervisor
Nino's Dog DaVinci and Three Friends
"Nino Amato has demonstrated his leadership in the renewable energy community, on racial justice issues and is a tireless advocate for Wisconsin’s 1.4 million elderly and people with disabilities. On a personal level, Nino has a long, successful and selfless history in serving our community and is committed to serving the 9th Aldermanic District and will bring a depth of practical experience and collaborative negotiating skills — in bringing people together to create positive solutions."
Don Ferber
Environmental Advocate & former Chair of the John Muir Chapter of the Sierra Cub
"Nino Amato’s candidacy for 9th District Alder is great news — not only for district residents, but for all of Madison. Nino has long bridged divides of policy and perspective in his professional career, which has covered the realms of our most pressing issues today - healthcare, improving environmental standards for our drinking water, mitigating Climate Change and Sustainability Policy & Practices, as an UW Regent and as a adjunct college professor. As a member of the Common Council, Nino be a vigilant advocate about the threats to Madison’s clean drinking water and he will refuse to compromise people’s health and well-being, especially for our most vulnerable residents."
Susan Pastor
East Side Water Supply Project Participant, Former Board Member Midwest Environmental Justice Organization, Former Co-Chair, Progressive Dane
"Nino Amato has been a community ltader for LBGTQ rights, for his entire adult life. He supported and voted for expanding the City of Madison’s Equal Opportunities Ordnance, which expanded ‘sexual orientation,’ as a protective class. As an educator, business executive, member of the UW Board of Regents and as president for the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging & Health Groups — Nino has always advocated for protecting the rights of all our citizens. Given Nino’s professional experience and collaborative leadership skills, he will be an effective member on the Madison Common Council and representing the citizens of the 9th Aldermanic District."
Steve Starkey
Executive director of OutReach, South Central Wisconsin’s LGBTQ Community Center
“I am very pleased to endorse Nino Amato for Alderperson. The 9th Aldermanic district and the City of Madison will benefit greatly from his broad experience, his commitment to our city and his passionate dedication to social justice. I urge my friends in the 9th to support him in this quest.”
Ricardo Gonzalez
Former Alder & owner, Cardinal Bar
"I am proud and honored to support Nino Amato’s Aldermanic Candidacy for the 9th Aldermanic District. I have known and admired Nino’s energetic and dedicated commitment to good government and public service for more than 45 years. Only Nino Amato can offers the depth and substantive experience that Madison so desperately needs during these unprecedented and challenging times. Without reservation, Nino Amato will effectively and intelligently, represent the needs of the 9th Aldermanic District — and will be a sound voice in making Madison a more inclusive community."
David Clarenbach
Former State Rep. West Madison & A Recovering Politician
"Nino Amato has been instrumental in efforts to protect the quality of our neighborhood environment. He will be an active voice speaking for all the citizens of our community — and unlike others, Nino Amato will represent the 9th District residents without personal gain and without a hidden political agenda."
Michael Riley
Attorney Michael Riley 9th District Resident & Committee Chair, Sauk Creek Woods Preservation
"Nino Amato is a shining community leader in Madison, who has dedicated his entire life to fighting for social and economic justice in the areas of public education, healthcare, criminal justice reform and human services. When Nino was appointed as Chair of former Madison Mayor Sue Baumann’s Task Force on Race Relations — he work alongside of my late husband Dr. Anthony L Brown and recently departed Dr. John Odom, in exposing the racial disparities within the Madison Metro Metropolitan School District, in our communities healthcare outcomes and the unfair practice of racial profiling, while driving black, brown or yellow. Nino Amato has historically been a tireless supporter of the Madison Equal Opportunities Commission; is one of the founding Charter member of the NAACP Dane County Branch — and was elected by its full membership, serving two terms as Vice Chair of the Dane County NAACP. After 70 years of failed attempts to build a public community pool in South Madison — Nino played a major leadership role in making the Goodman Community Public Pool in south Madison a reality. This is why Nino Amato will be an outstanding member of the Common Council and for the people of the 9th District."
Brenda J. Brown
Human Services Professional & Civil Rights Advocate
A special thanks to everyone who contributed their support to our campaign. We appreciate your endorsement greatly.