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We are in a climate emergency!

We The People, are facing a growing climate crisis emergency and given the increasing scientific evidence of climate and sea warming and the unpredictable intense weather patterns to-date — scientists and 178 nations have called for a 50% reduction in Co2 emissions before 2030 and zero Co2 emissions between 2040 and 2050. 

If America, along with our local and state governments don’t lead the way, by our elected officials and they fail to contribute to and achieve these emergency Co2 reductions — we will all face massive food insecurities, a global famine and a biodiversity collapse — which will cause hundreds of millions of unnecessary deaths and multi-trillion dollars in property and public infrastructure damage, plus the cost of replacement. 

Worse yet, human longevity will be substantially reduced, with hundreds of millions of people facing increase premature death, at a much younger age. 
Tragically, society as we know it will be radically altered by the increase intensity of massive forest fires, massive flooding, multi-year droughts, agricultural food shortages, unlivable hot zones and new public diseases spread by ticks, misquotes and the lack of clean water — which will be irreversible, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). 

The Political Challenge & Climate Solution

The vast majority of voters support taking action to address the threat of climate change but tragically science deniers, dogmatic Trump-Cult extremists who believe Climate Change is a hoax by Communist China – and GOP members of Congress, are beholden to the oil, gas and coal industries and are blocking Climate Change Legislation.

U.S. Needs a Carbon Fee & Dividend Legislation

A carbon fee and dividend legislation, which places a fee on carbon emissions sources and returns 100% of those collects fees as a dividend to citizens who use renewable energy resources, such as hybrid and electric vehicles.

That is why Nino Amato and the vast majority of Americans are supporting the Bi-partisan Citizens Climate Change Lobby (CCL), which consists of former Republican and Democratic law-makers and Presidential policy-makers – who are pushing for a “bi-partisan solution in mitigating Climate Change”.

This Is How It Works: First, the carbon fee would be implemented at the point of entry (well, mine, or port), since the U.S. already has a system in place to return the dividend to citizens during annual tax filings. Second, the carbon fee & dividend is the most feasible option to implement, from a practical, market based solution approach and from gaining bi-partisan political support in Congress. Third, carbon fee and dividend market-based system has been implemented in British Columbia, Canada in 2008 and the dividend offsets the cost of the carbon fee for most people, so there is minimal financial impact on the public and the economy.

For further information about the Climate Change Lobby and frequent asked questions, see the CCL FAQ, and please follow-up with its local chapters on Facebook and the national group on Twitter, and/or attend its annual conference and Zoom Events.