Economic & Environmental Sustainability

Madison Is Not on Track in Meeting It’s Climate Change Goals

Over the past decade, Madison invested $95 million in making local government operations carbon neutral by 2030. However, The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)  ranked Madison 64th out of 100 cities, behind Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis and St. Paul, in its annual “clean energy scorecard.” In other words, we have failed in our goals.

ACEEE cited our elected officials with  a lack of “building standards and a lack of community-wide initiatives and transportation policies.”  ACEEE went on to say, “even though the city adopted a sustainability plan over ten years ago Madison will not meet either the 2030 or 2050 sustainability goals.”

This is Inexcusable! “What Gets Measured Gets Done”

Now More Than Ever our city elected officials and department heads must establish measurable and quantifiable sustainability goals with “key performance indicators”.  Madison’s dedicated employees must then be aligned to work collectively in achieving these goals.  Simply put, “what gets measured gets done.”  Department heads need to regularly monitor and report the progress of these performance indicators to elected officials. This collaborative process will keep the focus on benchmarks and enable adjustments to meet long- term sustainability targets.

Sustainability Policy & Development: Is a renewable and sustainable strategy for progressive economic development growth, which meet the human, economic and smart-growth needs of our communities and nation – while protecting and preserving the environment and mitigating the human-threat of Climate Change.”

 “Sustainability is also about social and economic justice and assuring all American citizens, have equal opportunities to educate their children, keep them healthy and advance their families economically, while reducing poverty, food insecurities and eliminating all racial disparities.” 

A.J. Nino Amato, UW-Adjunct Professor, Sustainability Policy & Practices & Former Senior Vice President, of Wisconsin Power & Light Company

The Shape of Things to Come – 21st Century Renewable Energy Jobs & a Growing Sustainable Economy

The fossil fuel industry has created a false narrative, that people must choose between keeping fossil fuel jobs or run the risk of massive job loss in the U.S. What the coal, oil, public electric utilities, fracking and coal tar-industries, don’t want us to know is that, the renewable energy industry is leading the world in new job development and growth. Contrary to those who are “Climate Change Denier,” who have said; “Climate Change is a hoax invented by the Chinese,” is blatantly false.

Renewable Energy Investment & Deployment Is Paying Off

In 2016, the Renewable Energy Industry world-wide, created over 7.7 million new, high paying green energy jobs, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

Earlier this year, IRENA reported in 2019, the renewable energy industry worldwide, “reached 11.1 million new jobs, over the last three years.”

IRENA, has now validated, that the renewable energy industry and movement, are now an essential job creator and is an essential component to the transformation of our nation and world economy’s to a new green worldwide jobs.

NOTE: Since the U.S withdrew from the Climate Change Paris Agreement in 2017, most of those new high paying renewable energy jobs went to our global economic competitors in Europe, Scandinavia, Japan and to American’s political enemy, Communist China.