Public Safety & Neighborhood Policing

Nino Amato Supports Madison’s Police Union’s
“Vote of No Confidence In Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway.”

“Nino Amato’s leadership is needed to fight the epidemic of gun & gang violence and the unprecedented increase in burglaries, auto thefts & drug-related crimes.”
David Couper
Former Police Chief

Nino Amato opposed Sayta-Rhoades-Conway’s 2021 Budget Cuts to the Madison Police Dept. He is advocating for restoring the $1.1 Million cuts – for increasing neighborhood policing & crime prevention programs. He also opposed the removal of Madison Police from our public schools. Amato is a UW Adjunct Professor in the field of Criminal Justice & Policing. As a life-long Madisonian (30+years 9 th Dist.) he has held leadership positions in both the public & private.

Incumbent Alder Skidmore has been ineffective in restoring the funding to the MPD. He is also under an investigation for allegedly making a derogatory insult to a female resident, during a budget hearing. “Alder Skidmore accused of using a derogatory word” (c-word) at a Common Council hearing & “City Council members want Skidmore to resign.” — Channel-3000 News (9-4-20)
Doug Hyant, in a recent WORT Radio interview (1-27-21) refused to give a straight answer whether he would increase funding for the MPD or support cutting the MPD Budget. What is clear, Hyant has been endorsed by numerous “De-Fund the Police” activists. In addition, Hyant managed the campaign for Ali Muldrow (School Board) who called Madison Police “Nazi’s” and our Dane County Jail; “a concentration camp.” Only recently Hyant moved into the 9th Dist. (2019). Currently he is a paid Legislative Aid and worked for many years as a political staffer for the WI. Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee.

Alder Candidate Nikki Conklin is endorsed by Mayor Sayta Rhodes-Conway. She supported the Mayor’s $1.1 Million Cuts to the Madison Police Dept. and is a strong advocate for getting Madison Police out of our public schools. Nikki has been an active member in the Lussier Community Center and has lived in the 9 th District for 10 years.

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