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We use a variety of survey data to learn about citizen’s concerns and positions on pressing issues facing our community, state and nation. 

Please answer as many questions as you like and your personal opinions and comments are most welcomed and will be kept confidential.  

The actual survey results, along with other credible research information may be used to educate elected and public officials and the general public for purposes of advancing  innovative policies, which will help improve their quality of life all citizens & future generations.

"Nino Amato has a wealth of experience at every level of local and state government. I have relied on his insight and knowledge during my three terms on the Common Council. He will make a great representative and advocate for his community because of his commitment to helping others."
Samba Baldeh
Madison City Alder Dist. 17, Former Madison Common Council President & WI State Legislator
"Nino is an experienced and accomplished individual and is action-oriented. In his entire life, he has focused on higher education, energy, environment, social justice, criminal justice reforms, business, and building inclusive communities. He has worked under both Democratic and Republican Governors and has thus demonstrated the ability to work across the aisle."
Masood Akhtar
Entrepreneur and Anti-Hate Activist
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Civic Engagement & Govt. Accountability

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Economic & Environmental Sustainability
Civic Engagement & Govt. Accountability
Healthcare Reform
Combating Racial Disparities
Cannabis Regulation & Medical Use
Racial Equity & Social Justice