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All Politics Are Local

“Now more than ever, the Madison Common Council needs to embrace common sense solutions in reducing the epidemic of gun violence, gang shootings, burglaries, sexual assaults, road-rage and auto theft, that are impacting the public safety of our neighborhoods.”

– Nino Amato

I am running for the 9th Aldermanic District to:

  • Create safer neighborhoods by reducing Madison’s crime rate, and by investing in neighborhood community policing and mental health interventions and services (CARES intervention Program).
  • Listening to 9th District residents and their concerns on neighborhood and city issues – and then representing their voice on the Madison Common Council – so collectively, we can improve the quality of life and public safety in all Madison neighborhoods.
  • Provide the needed resources to guarantee safe drinking water in all of Madison’s drinking wells, by reducing PFAS toxins (forever chemicals) and achieve the highest quality of safe drinking water in the nation.
  • Protect and preserve Madison’s greenway tree forests, tree islands and street tree canopies, which provide cleaner air, lowers urban heat rates, and reduces Co2 greenhouse emissions – and incorporate nature-based climate solutions, through the city’s agency planning approval process.
  • Develop an environmental and economic sustainability future for Madison’s children and all residents – through nature based de-carbonization programs, new energy-efficiency technology, and aggressive policy Climate Crisis goals, in achieving net-zero Co2 emission’ goals by 2050.
  • Working collaboratively with UWMadison and Bioscience Researchers to create new business start-ups and business spin-offs from existing biotech and UW medical research companies, in collaboration with local chamber of commerce organizations and the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority.   
Leonardo DaVinci, adopted son of Nino Amato
The 2023 Spring Primary Election is February 21, 2023
The 2023 Spring General Election is April 4, 2023 

What is the deadline to request an absentee ballot? 

Mail your absentee ballot as soon as possible and at least 7 days before the Feb. 21st Primary and April 4th General Elections.

Even though you have until 5:00 pm on the Thursday before the primary and general elections — but if it does not arrive by mail on that Tuesday morning (Election Day), it will not be counted according to state law. 

Voter Helpline League of Women Voters – VOTER Helpline: 608-285-2141

Emergency Calls for the City of Madison Police & County Emergencies – Call:  911
For non-emergency to reportCity of Madison & Dane County – Call: 608-255-2345